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Spirometer 1200 ml

Volumetric Incentive Spirometer 1200ml

3-Ball Deep Breathing Exerciser Capacity Training Device Incentive Spirometer Spirometry Breath Exercises and Measurements


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Volumetric Incentive Spirometer 1200ml

A spirometer is a device that measures how deeply you can inhale (breath in). It helps you take slow, deep breaths to expand and fill your lungs with air. This helps prevent lung problems, such as pneumonia. The spirometer comprises a breathing tube, an air chamber, and an indicator.

The breathing tube is connected to the air chamber and has a mouthpiece at the end. The hand is found inside the device. A spirometer is most commonly used after surgery. People at an increased risk of airway or breathing problems may also use one. These include people who smoke or have lung disease. This may also include people who are inactive or cannot move well.

It also helps fight stress and anxiety. When you take a deep breath, it will also clear your mind and get rid of the stress and anxiety caused by daily work and activities. You can easily spend the day actively and positively.
Your goal is to take a deep breath and float the coloured balls in each column; green means you inhale 600 ml/ml, red means 900 ml/ml, and yellow means 1200 ml/ml; you can measure and record the maximum inhalation effort.

Easy to use, lightweight to carry and clean, and easy to put in a bag and take with you. You can use it at home; A simple exercise can keep you healthy. It helps you breathe correctly, trains you to take deep breaths, help you open and clear your airways, and helps protect your upper respiratory tract health.
The more breathing exercises performed adequately, the more efficiently they deliver oxygen to the entire body, strengthening the respiratory system and protecting health.

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