Oxygen Concentrator 5 Litre Single flow

Oxygen Concentrator 5 Litre Single flow

With time accumulating function, timing power-off function,
fault self-detection system.
Four alarm functions:
Power failure alarm
Low oxygen concentration alarm
Pressure cycle failure alarm
Compressor failure alarm


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Oxygen Concentrator 5 Litre Single flow

Many individuals require a consistent and reliable source of oxygen to manage their medical conditions. However, traditional oxygen delivery methods can be cumbersome and inefficient, particularly for those with varying oxygen needs.

Imagine struggling with a bulky, outdated oxygen delivery system that doesn’t adequately meet your oxygen requirements. Not only does this limit your mobility and freedom, but it also fails to provide the necessary support for your health and well-being. Inefficient oxygen delivery systems can lead to unnecessary stress and discomfort, impacting your quality of life.

Introducing our Oxygen Concentrator 5 Litre Single Flow unit, designed to revolutionize the way you receive oxygen therapy. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this device offers a seamless solution to your oxygen needs.

Our concentrator boasts a Multi-Language Voice Interface, ensuring ease of use for individuals of various linguistic backgrounds. No more struggling to understand complicated instructions or settings—our intuitive interface simplifies the entire process.

Additionally, the inclusion of a Front-Loading Battery adds to the convenience factor, allowing for hassle-free battery replacement without the need to maneuver the device extensively. Moreover, our concentrator offers Multiple Battery Options, providing flexibility and extended usage times to suit your lifestyle.

Moreover, our unit delivers up to the equivalent of 5,000 mL of oxygen per minute, surpassing the capabilities of pulse dose models. This ensures that individuals with varying oxygen demands receive the necessary support without compromise.

Our machines are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Despite their powerful performance, they are bigger than other units on the market, ensuring they can handle a wider range of oxygen demands effectively. The typical weight of one of our continuous flow units is up to 18 pounds, excluding additional accessories, making them portable and easy to transport.

Moreover, our concentrator comes equipped with advanced features such as a time-accumulating function, timing power-off function, and fault self-detection system. With four alarm functions—including power failure alarm, low oxygen concentration alarm, pressure cycle failure alarm, and compressor failure alarm—you can rest assured knowing that your oxygen therapy is continuously monitored for optimal safety and efficiency.

Experience the freedom and peace of mind that comes with our Oxygen Concentrator 5 Litre Single Flow unit. Say goodbye to outdated oxygen delivery systems and hello to a new era of comfort, convenience, and reliability. With its advanced features and superior performance, our concentrator is the ultimate solution for your oxygen therapy needs. Invest in your health and well-being today with our revolutionary Oxygen Concentrator.


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