Monkey chain


The Monkey Chain: is an ideal product for patients who need assistance in getting up and lying down in bed and is also known as a medical trapeze.


Monkey chain

What is a Hospital Bed Monkey chain? The Monkey Chain is an ideal product for patients who need assistance getting up and lying in bed and is also known as a medical trapeze. The device is located over the head of a hospital bed that consists of a metal hanging triangle bar secured by a solid metal base connected either directly to the bed frame or the ceiling, providing the patient something secure to grasp and lift themself when changing positions in bed or transferring out of bed, and into a wheelchair or mobility device.

Attached to your bed or attached to the optional base, this trapeze can help anyone sit up and get out of bed.

This Offset Fixed Trapeze bar is compatible with hospital beds and can also be used with its base, which enables it to be free-standing with a quick setup and firm steel construction.

Product Features
• Assembly does not require tools to allow for simple setup
• Bar can be attached to a base for free-standing capabilities
• Compatible with and can be attached to all Medline Hospital Beds
• Heavy-duty chrome-plated steel supports weights up to 250-pounds
• Equipped with wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets

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