This category includes custom-made shoe inserts, arch supports, heel cups, and other devices that are designed to provide support and relieve pain in the feet.

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  • Ankle binder
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    Ankle binder

    Ankle binder wrap provides delicate fixation and compression of the talocrural joint. It provides support and stability to the ankle, reducing swelling due to the contraction offered.

    Product Features
    • Provides delicate fixation and compression to the talocrural joint
    • Anatomical shape with open heel is more comfortable for everyday use
    • Breathable elastic fabric provides more comfort during use
    • Fit either left or right ankle


  • Diabetic socks -A pair
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    Diabetic socks

    Product Description

    Other Details:

    • Diabetic Socks are recommended for people suffering from diabetes, arthritis or experiencing foot pain and sensitive feet
    • The product is seamlessly designed, offering moisture-absorbing capacity
    • Size: Universal
    • Diabetic socks have an extra pad at the bottom, offering protection from light injuries and shoe bites.
    • Flexibility to wear with or without shoes
    • Product is standard for both Males and Female
    • Also available in White and Grey Colors
  • Hallux valgus Toe Corrector
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    Hallux valgus Toe Corrector

    Hallux Valgus Toe Correction Splint

    Deviation of the big toe towards the outer side is medically known as hallux valgus. It may be due to inheritance, hyperpronated foot or improper shoe fitting (extreme narrow or pointed shoe).

  • Prosthetic external silicone Breast
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    Prosthetic external silicone Breast

    External Breast Prosthetics Suitable For Mastectomy Patients.

    Passive silicon breast prosthetics help with Weight & Balance, Right Body Posture, Natural Feel, and Confidence, and may also help prevent shoulder drop and spinal Curvature.

    Silicon Gel is used because it is very close to the human body’s weight, temperature, touch and feel.

  • Tynor Medial Arch Orthosis for Adult – (S,M,L & XL, A Pair)
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    Tynor Medial Arch Orthosis for Adult

    • Rigid support to the arch
    • Anatomical fit
    • Comfortable with feather feel
    • Massage spots for the arch
  • VACOped boot long
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    VACOped boot long

    Main Features:
    • Soft, 100% cotton terrycloth liner
    • Absorbent and breathable
    • Cotton liner is machine washable but must air-dry (requires the purchase of a second liner to wear while the first one is air-drying)
    • Custom moulds for your foot
    • 360 degrees of comfort and stability
    • Adjustable Range of Motion (ROM)
    • Early weight bearing and ROM stimulates early Achilles tendon healing
    • ROM for advanced, conservative Achilles protocols:
    SMART protocol
  • VACOped boot short
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    VACOped boot short

    Main Features:
    • Most comfortable for mid- and forefoot injuries
    • Vacuum insert custom moulds to your foot
    • Rigid foot and toe plates for stability and protection
    • Ankle hinge and rocker sole for natural walking gait
    • Washable terrycloth liner
  • VACOpedes Diabetic Boot Long
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    VACOpedes Diabetic Boot Long

    The VACOped Diabetic Achilles Boot is best for offloading difficult heel ulcers. Adjust the boot to 10 degrees dorsal flexion to shift weight forwards and off the heel.
    Indications Diabetic Foot Syndrome Heel ulcers What makes the VACOcast Achilles Boot “Diabetic”? Additional beads for more comprehensive offloading Low-friction wicking synthetic velour liner is more gentle Toe cover to prevent debris from entering the boot Foam footbed layer for added shock absorption Vacuum Technology Bead-filled vacuum insert Molds to the foot like plaster Solidifies under vacuum Forms an offloading mould of the foot Re-molds for each fitting Advantages at a glance Great for heel offloading Set at 10 degrees dorsal flexion to empty heel Rocker sole for better walking gait Removable sole for wearing a boot to bed Washable cloth liners for better hygiene Clinically proven results.
  • VACOpedes Diabetic Boot short
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    VACOpedes Diabetic Boot short

    The VACOpedes Diabetic is an excellent offloading option for patients who cannot tolerate a full-height boot. Low height and built-in range of motion allow for a leisurely walking gait—the perfect choice for patients with difficulty walking in the high boot.

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