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VACOped boot short

VACOped boot short

Main Features:
• Most comfortable for mid- and forefoot injuries
• Vacuum insert custom moulds to your foot
• Rigid foot and toe plates for stability and protection
• Ankle hinge and rocker sole for natural walking gait
• Washable terrycloth liner


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VACOped boot short

Do you suffer from fore- or midfoot injuries such as hallux valgus/rigidus, hammer toe, or metatarsal fractures? Are you seeking secure protection and stability for your foot while still maintaining enhanced mobility?

Conventional plaster casts restrict your movement and can be cumbersome. They lack adaptability to your foot’s unique shape and may not provide the necessary stability for proper healing. You need a solution that offers both support and freedom of movement.

Introducing the VACOped Boot Short – the ultimate solution for fore- and midfoot injuries. Unlike traditional casts, the VACOped utilizes a revolutionary vacuum cushion that conforms precisely to the contours of your foot and lower leg. This customizable fit ensures optimal support and stability, promoting faster healing and rehabilitation.

Furthermore, the VACOped’s lightweight and durable plastic shell provide additional stability to the injury site without sacrificing comfort. Its unique construction allows for greater freedom of movement compared to plaster casts, enabling you to maintain your mobility while recovering from your injury.

But that’s not all – the VACOped Boot Short boasts a range of features designed to enhance your comfort and convenience. Its rigid foot and toe plates offer unparalleled protection, while the ankle hinge and rocker sole mimic the natural walking gait, promoting a more comfortable and efficient recovery process.

Additionally, the VACOped’s washable terrycloth liner ensures a hygienic and comfortable wearing experience, allowing you to maintain cleanliness and freshness throughout your recovery journey.

With its versatility and adaptability, the VACOped Boot Short is suitable for a variety of conditions, including hallux valgus/rigidus, arthrodeses of the toe joints, hammer toe, claw toe, the Lapidus procedure, and metatarsal fractures. Whether you’re recovering from surgery or nursing a sports-related injury, the VACOped provides the comprehensive support and stability you need to get back on your feet faster.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best short boot for fore- and midfoot injuries, look no further than the VACOped Boot Short. Its innovative design, customizable fit, and advanced features make it the ideal choice for anyone seeking secure protection, stability, and enhanced mobility during their recovery journey. Say goodbye to traditional casts and hello to a faster, more comfortable healing experience with the VACOped Boot Short.

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