VACOped boot long

VACOped boot long

Main Features:
• Soft, 100% cotton terrycloth liner
• Absorbent and breathable
• Cotton liner is machine washable but must air-dry (requires the purchase of a second liner to wear while the first one is air-drying)
• Custom moulds for your foot
• 360 degrees of comfort and stability
• Adjustable Range of Motion (ROM)
• Early weight bearing and ROM stimulates early Achilles tendon healing
• ROM for advanced, conservative Achilles protocols:
SMART protocol


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VACOped boot long

Achilles tendon ruptures can lead to significant mobility limitations and long recovery times, often requiring invasive surgical intervention with associated risks and costs.

Traditional treatments for Achilles tendon ruptures, including surgery, can result in prolonged recovery periods, increased risk of complications, and substantial financial burdens on patients.

The VACOped boot long offers a modern and highly effective alternative to traditional Achilles tendon rupture treatments. Its patented Range-of-Motion (ROM) design allows for functional treatment in an absolute equinus position, promoting faster recovery times and comparable functional outcomes to surgical intervention but without the associated risks and costs.

The VACOped boot long is engineered with several key features that enhance comfort, stability, and healing:

1. Soft, 100% cotton terrycloth liner: The breathable and absorbent material provides optimal comfort during wear.

2. Custom molds for your foot: Each boot is individually tailored to ensure a precise and comfortable fit, enhancing overall effectiveness.

3. 360 degrees of comfort and stability: The design of the boot offers comprehensive support around the foot and ankle, minimizing movement and reducing the risk of further injury.

4. Adjustable Range of Motion (ROM): The ability to adjust the ROM allows for personalized treatment according to the specific needs of each patient, accommodating various stages of recovery.

5. Early weight bearing and ROM stimulation: By enabling early weight bearing and controlled range of motion, the VACOped boot long promotes early healing of the Achilles tendon, accelerating the recovery process.

Additionally, the VACOped boot long is compatible with advanced conservative Achilles protocols, including the SMART protocol, Exeter protocol, and Leister protocol. These protocols further optimize treatment strategies, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing Achilles tendon rehabilitation.

With its innovative design and proven effectiveness, the VACOped boot long has become the gold standard in Achilles tendon orthosis. Its ability to offer comparable results to surgical intervention without the associated risks and costs makes it the preferred choice among healthcare professionals and patients alike.

In conclusion, the VACOped boot long represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures, providing patients with a safe, comfortable, and effective alternative to traditional methods. By combining advanced technology with proven therapeutic principles, the VACOped boot long offers hope for faster recovery and improved outcomes for individuals suffering from this debilitating injury.

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