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Transfer Belt with leg strap

Transfer Belt with leg strap

Product Features:
• SAFELY MOVE AND TRANSFER; Avoid accidents, falls and caregiver injuries when transferring patients
• QUICK RELEASE LATCHES; Remove the belt quickly and easily release it for a safe and smooth transition
• STRONG NYLON LEG LOOPS; Provide added support and ensure the belt will not ride up
• ADJUSTABLE GAIT BELT; Easily and quickly adjust for a customized fit up to a 55” circumference
• PADDED WAIST HANDLES; Reinforced handles offer multiple angles for a secure grip
• ANTI-SLIP BUCKLE; Durable metal buckle secures the belt until one of the quick-release latches is activated
• Helps patients from sitting to a standing position
• Easy-to-grasp handles for caregivers
• Thigh strap for increased security and stability


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Transfer Belt with leg strap

Moving or ambulating patients can be challenging and potentially dangerous for both the patient and the caregiver. Accidents, falls, and injuries are common risks associated with patient transfers.

Traditional methods of patient transfer often involve manual lifting, which can lead to accidents, falls, and caregiver injuries. This not only jeopardizes the safety of the patient but also increases the strain on caregivers.

Introducing the Transfer Belt with leg strap, an innovative solution designed to facilitate safe and efficient patient transfers. This belt is engineered to provide maximum support and stability during transfers, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.


1. Safely Move and Transfer:The primary objective of the Transfer Belt is to ensure safe patient transfers, reducing the likelihood of accidents, falls, and caregiver injuries. With this belt, caregivers can confidently assist patients in moving and ambulating without compromising safety.

2. Quick Release Latches: The inclusion of quick-release latches enhances the ease of use of the belt. Caregivers can swiftly attach and detach the belt, facilitating smooth transitions for the patient while maintaining safety throughout the process.

3. Strong Nylon Leg Loops: The leg strap is constructed from durable nylon material, providing added support and stability. This feature ensures that the belt remains securely in place, preventing it from riding up during transfers.

4. Adjustable Gait Belt: The belt is adjustable to accommodate various waist sizes, with a customizable fit of up to a 55” circumference. This versatility allows caregivers to tailor the belt to the specific needs of each patient, ensuring optimal comfort and support.

5. Padded Waist Handles: Reinforced handles on the waist of the belt offer multiple gripping angles for caregivers, enhancing their ability to assist patients during transfers securely.

6. Anti-Slip Buckle: The buckle is designed with anti-slip properties to ensure that the belt remains securely fastened until one of the quick-release latches is activated. This feature adds an extra layer of safety and reliability to the transfer process.

7. Thigh Strap for Increased Security: The inclusion of a thigh strap further enhances the security and stability of the transfer belt, providing additional support to patients during transfers from sitting to standing positions.

Overall, the Transfer Belt with leg strap addresses the challenges associated with patient transfers by providing a safe, efficient, and reliable solution for caregivers. With its innovative design and advanced features, this belt is poised to revolutionize the way patient transfers are conducted, ultimately improving safety and comfort for both patients and caregivers alike.

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