Water rowing machine BR- 5000


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Water rowing machine BR- 5000

This fantastic rower from Body Sculpture has water resistance, so it feels and sounds like you’re rowing on water. It’s great for the whole experience in the comfort of your home. Product Features: • ANTI-SLIP FOOTPLATES – There are large pivoting footplates with a velcro strap on the rower designed to keep your feet comfortably and firmly planted throughout your workout is carried out smoothly and with ease. • BUILT TO LAST – Aluminium track for durability and extra-smooth rowing action. • EASY STORAGE & TRANSPORT – The Body Sculpture Water Rower can be folded for easy storage when not in use and utilises wheels for easy transport. This is especially useful if you lack free space in your home; quickly move your Water Rower out of the way between workouts. • SMOOTH RIDING – PU ball bearing rollers for ultra-smooth seat glide and durability. • THE FULL EXPERIENCE – Water resistance feels and sounds like you’re rowing on water. Siphon included for water changes. • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS – Built-in computer that monitors and displays; (theoretical) calories used, counts, displays, (built-in) receiver and time to easily keep track of your progress and make your journey all the more satisfying. Maximum User Weight: 150kg.

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