Silicone Heel Cushion (Pad)

Silicone Heel Cushion

Good posture starts with your feet, and heel pads or cushions can help you alleviate heel pain whilst out and about. The heel Cushion protects you against further pain injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs can cause. Heel cushions can also help by providing additional comfort to anyone’s footwear!


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Silicone Heel Cushion

Many people suffer from heel pain caused by conditions like Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs, which can lead to discomfort and hinder everyday activities. Injuries to the foot can be debilitating, causing pain and limiting mobility.

This pain and discomfort can disrupt daily life, making it challenging to walk, stand, or engage in physical activities. Without proper support and cushioning, individuals may experience prolonged discomfort and difficulty in recovery from foot injuries.

Introducing the Silicone Heel Cushion, a revolutionary solution designed to alleviate heel pain and provide comfort and support to the feet. With its innovative design and superior functionality, the heel cushion offers effective relief from conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, and arthrosis in the ankle, knee, or hip joint.


High Cushioning Coefficient: The Silicone Heel Cushion boasts a high cushioning coefficient, ensuring maximum shock absorption and superior comfort for the wearer. This feature helps reduce strain on the feet and promotes faster recovery from foot injuries.

Long Functional Life: Made from durable silicone material, the heel cushion has a long functional life, providing lasting effectiveness and support to the user.

Super Soft Zones: The cushion features super soft zones that offer unmatched comfort and cushioning to the heel area, enhancing the overall wearing experience.

Better Weight Distribution: By ensuring better weight distribution, the heel cushion reduces peak loading on the feet, minimizing pressure and discomfort during movement.

Corrects Body Alignment: The Silicone Heel Cushion helps correct body alignment, reducing strain on ligaments, muscles, and tendons. This feature promotes proper posture and prevents further injuries.

Anatomic Fit: Designed to provide a perfect anatomic fit for the feet, the heel pad extends from the back of the heel to the top of the hindfoot, offering comprehensive support and relief.

Instant Relief: With its gel spot technology, the heel cushion provides instant relief from heel pain, allowing users to experience immediate comfort and mobility.

Prevents Leg Length Discrepancies: Available in pairs, the heel cushion helps prevent leg length discrepancies, ensuring balanced support and stability for both feet.

Easy Maintenance: Made of silicone, the heel cushion is odorless and easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene and longevity.

The Silicone Heel Cushion is a game-changer for individuals suffering from heel pain and discomfort. With its advanced features and innovative design, the heel cushion provides unparalleled support, comfort, and relief from various foot conditions. Say goodbye to heel pain and hello to comfort and mobility with the Silicone Heel Cushion.

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