Foot Drop Splint – KAFO

The splint is meant for use by people suffering from foot drop that causes the front of the feet to drop due to weakness.

  • It provides the push that a person needs while walking through a unique strong leaf spring action.
  • The anatomical design, as well as shape, allows for even weight distribution that helps with faster healing as it keeps the foot in a dorsiflexion position.
  • Made from polypropylene.
  • Velcro closures along with soft inner padding are included.


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Foot Drop Splint

Foot drop, also known as “drop foot,” occurs when a person is unable to lift the front part of their foot, causing it to drag along the ground while walking. This condition can affect one foot or both simultaneously and can occur at any age. Foot drop may be temporary or permanent and is typically a symptom of an underlying disease rather than a standalone condition.

Wearing a Foot Drop Splint provides a solution to this problem by assisting in holding the foot in a normal position. The Pedisdrop Foot Drop Splint, specifically, maintains the ankle at a 90-degree angle, preventing the foot from dropping towards the ground. This corrective measure significantly enhances the ease of walking for individuals with foot drop, reducing the likelihood of tripping due to the dropped foot.

The Foot Drop Splint serves as a support aid for individuals experiencing difficulty lifting their foot due to paralysis or injury. By addressing the anatomical or muscular issues causing the drop foot, the splint aids in maintaining proper posture while walking, minimizing dragging of the affected foot.

Technical Details:
Constructed from thermoplastic material, the Foot Drop Splint achieves a delicate balance between lightweight design and durability. Engineered to facilitate dorsiflexion, it effectively assists in lifting the foot, promoting a more natural walking motion. While designed to fit into regular shoes, minor adjustments may be necessary for optimal comfort. Additionally, the Pedisdrop Foot Drop Splint offers customization options for an improved fit, allowing for trimming and reshaping using a heat gun.

Available in sizes ranging from S to XL for both legs, the Foot Drop Splint caters to a diverse range of individuals requiring assistance with foot drop correction. This comprehensive size range ensures that users can find a suitable option tailored to their specific needs.

The Foot Drop Splint provides an innovative solution for individuals grappling with the challenges posed by foot drop. By addressing the underlying issues contributing to the condition, this corrective device empowers users to regain mobility and confidence in their daily activities. With its lightweight yet robust construction and customizable features, the Foot Drop Splint represents a reliable and versatile aid in the management of foot drop symptoms.

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