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Elnova Lumber Sacral Corset

Elnova Lumbo Sacral Corset


  • Anatomically contoured posterior bars
  • Extra straps for additional support
  • Made of complete elastic material
  • Fully elastic material offers a snug fit
  •    Four anatomically contoured Aluminium stays for additional support
  •    Comfortable spinal support
  •    Additional adjustable straps for reinforcement


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Elnova Lumber Sacral Corset

Elnova Lumber Sacral Corset by Enova is engineered to provide comprehensive support and relief for individuals grappling with a spectrum of lumbar spine issues. Crafted with precision and a focus on therapeutic efficacy, this corset stands as a beacon of relief amidst the relentless onslaught of low back pain that plagues modern lifestyles.

In today’s fast-paced world, low back pain has emerged as a ubiquitous affliction, affecting a staggering 80% of individuals at some juncture in their lives. Those ensnared by the sedentary shackles of prolonged computer use and the burden of heavy lifting often find themselves ensnared in the throes of discomfort. Enter the Lumbo Sacral Corset—a veritable sanctuary of support designed to assuage the distress wrought by lumbar woes.

Embracing a philosophy of non-invasive intervention, the Enova Lumber Sacral Corset offers a haven of solace, facilitating optimal spinal alignment sans the rigors of invasive procedures. By flattening the lumbar curve and gently stretching the lower back, it orchestrates a symphony of relief that reverberates throughout the lumber sacral expanse.

Nestling snugly against the contours of the body, this corset boasts four meticulously crafted anatomical stays, conferring unparalleled support and fortitude to the lumbosacral domain. Complementing this architecture is an additional middle strap, meticulously engineered to furnish compression that augments a snug and secure fit.

Elevating the standards of lumbar support, theElnova Lumber Sacral Corset showcases a plethora of features tailored to address the multifaceted dimensions of low back pain:

Elnova Lumber Sacral Corset

– Anatomically contoured posterior bars: Engineered to harmonize with the natural contours of the body, these bars stand as sentinels of support, fortifying the lumbar spine against the onslaught of discomfort.
– Extra straps for additional support: A testament to the commitment to comprehensive care, these supplementary straps augment the corset’s capacity to provide steadfast support and stability.
– Complete elastic material: With a composition crafted from fully elastic materials, this corset not only delivers a snug fit but also affords unparalleled flexibility, ensuring unimpeded movement and comfort.
– Four anatomically contoured aluminium stays: Symbolizing a fusion of innovation and durability, these stays serve as stalwart pillars, reinforcing the lumbo sacral region with unwavering support.
– Comfortable spinal support: Upholding a legacy of comfort and efficacy, the Lumbo Sacral Corset cradles the spine in a cocoon of support, providing respite from the relentless throes of discomfort.
– Additional adjustable straps for reinforcement: Exemplifying a commitment to customization, these adjustable straps empower users to fine-tune their support, ensuring a personalized fit tailored to their unique needs.

Indications for employment of theElnova Lumber Sacral Corset encompass a myriad of lumbar ailments, including:

– Chronic Low Back Pain
– Postoperative rehabilitation of the Lumbo Sacral region
– Osteoporotic pain in Lumbo Sacral region
– Degenerative Lumbar Disc Disease

For those seeking respite from the clutches of low back pain, the Elnova Lumber Sacral Corset stands as a beacon of hope, promising relief and restoration. For further information and inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at or contact us directly via call, text, or WhatsApp at 0705 442 020 or 0724232336. Additionally, you can connect with us on WhatsApp through the following link: Let us be your partner in the journey towards reclaiming lumbar wellness and vitality.


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