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ROM Air Shield Walker short

R.O.M Air Shield Walker short


■ Ruptured Achilles tendon
■ Stable foot or ankle fractures
■ Acute ankle sprains
■ Post-op ankle surgery where protected range-of-motion is required Features


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ROM Air Shield Walker short

Individuals recovering from injuries such as a ruptured Achilles tendon, stable foot or ankle fractures, acute ankle sprains, or post-operative ankle surgery often struggle to find a suitable mobility aid that provides the necessary protection and support while allowing for controlled range-of-motion.

Imagine the frustration and discomfort of trying to navigate daily life with a foot or ankle injury. Simple tasks become challenging, and the fear of further injury looms large. Without the right support, individuals may experience prolonged recovery times and increased risk of complications.

Enter the ROM Air Shield Walker (Short). This innovative mobility aid is specifically designed to address the unique needs of individuals recovering from foot or ankle injuries, providing the perfect balance of protection, support, and adjustability.

Benefits: One of the standout features of the ROM Air Shield Walker (Short) is its ability to easily adjust the air to achieve the desired compression and custom fit. This ensures optimal comfort and support throughout the healing process. The patented R.O.M. (Range of Motion) system with an orange safety lock mechanism makes setting the application a breeze, allowing users to precisely control their range of motion.

With R.O.M. settings between 0° to 40° of plantar-flexion and 0° to 40° of dorsiflexion in 10° increments, individuals can gradually increase their mobility as they progress in their recovery journey. The soft foam with breathable fabric lining not only provides superior comfort but also keeps the foot dry and comfortable, promoting faster healing.

Additionally, the ROM Air Shield Walker (Short) is designed to fit both the left and right foot, offering versatility and convenience for users. Available in multiple sizes (S, M, L, XL), individuals can find the perfect fit for their specific needs, ensuring optimal comfort and support throughout the recovery process.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the ROM Air Shield Walker (Short) is a game-changer for individuals recovering from foot or ankle injuries. With its innovative design, adjustable features, and superior comfort, this mobility aid offers the support and protection needed to facilitate a speedy and successful recovery. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional casts and braces and hello to the freedom and flexibility of the ROM Air Shield Walker (Short).

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