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Lambs wool Boot – A heel protector

A heel protector is recommended for patients at risk for a foot injury, pressure ulcers, or foot drops also prevents sores on heels from coming into contact with the bedclothes.


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Lambs wool Boot

Lambs wool Boot; A heel protector is constructed of soft, cotton-like padding that provides maximum heel cushioning and protection against skin breakdown; it also features a strap with hook and loop closure that makes it easy to apply and adjust—sold in pairs.

The boot is designed to offload pressure from the heel of a non-ambulatory individual to help prevent decubitus ulcers on the boney heel area of the foot. It helps to elevate and cushion the heel while restricting pressure, friction, and shear from the surface of a bed or wheelchair.

A heel guard is recommended for patients at risk of a foot injury, pressure ulcers, or foot drop, and it also helps prevent sores on heels from coming into contact with the bedclothes. The adjustable foam elevation block helps alleviate pressure on the user’s heel, has a soft outer lining that allows for firm attachment of ankle and foot drop straps, and reduces friction against bedsheets.

Product Benefits:

  • Proves protection against skin breakdown
  • Soft padding provides maximum heel cushioning
  • Adjustable straps allow easy adjustment and One size fits all and can be used on either foot
  • Outer lining minimizes the risk of friction and shear.

Cleaning and Maintenance  To clean, hand wash with a mild fabric detergent in warm water. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Lay flat and open and allow to air dry. Please inspect the product after washing to ensure it is intact. If the product is damaged, do not use it and replace it with a new one.

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