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Hot / Cold Gel Pack 23*13cm (Reusable)

Hot / Cold Gel Pack 23*13cm

A versatile, mouldable gel pack that can be used as a therapeutic cold pack or hot pack for all injuries.


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Size: 23*13cm
Material: nylon fabric Eco-friendly PVC liquid

1. Heat in microwave for hot compress
2. Keep in freezer for a cold compress
3. Reusable and non-toxic, eco-friendly
4. Its Reusable hot cold pack
5. Able to relieve the pain

When can I use it?

This great value product is useful at all stages during the recovery from injury and can be used again and again.

Use it as an ice pack during the early stages following injury to help minimize pain, bleeding, and swelling in the tissues.

Use it as a heat pack later to help the healing process by increasing local blood flow and promote relaxation.

How does it work?

The soft gel in the pack conducts heat or cold. Simply cool in a refrigerator or freezer and it will stay cold, or warm in hot water (or microwave oven) in order to use it as a hot pack. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to use:

Application: COLD 

Store in the freezer so that the pack is ready for use in case of injury. Approximately 1 hour is required to freeze gel.


Joint & Muscle injuries

Back & neck pain


Sinus & Stress headaches

Post-surgical pain

Sunburn&other burns

Application: HOT

MICROWAVE: Place gel pack into the microwave for approximately 30 seconds (if the gel pack is at room temperature) or 1 minute (if the gel pack is frozen) on high power. After this time, check that the correct temperature has been reached. If not, further exposure should be in 10 seconds bursts.

Times are based on a 600W microwave: adjust heating times accordingly to suit the power of your microwave.

HOT WATER: Bring water to boil, remove from the heat, and immerse the gel pack for approximately 4-10 minutes. After 4 minutes, check every 1 minute to see if the correct temperature has been reached.


Muscle pain&soreness

Muscle spasms&cramps


Chronic neck or back stiffness

Menstrual cramps


Whether used HOT/COLD, it is advisable to check that the temperature is not too extreme against the skin. It is recommended that the gel pack is wrapped in cloth before applying to skin.


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