Crutch Tips

Crutch tips is a patented rubber crutch tip and cane tip with a unique design that promotes a smoother gait for the user. As the flexible, yet durable crutch tips simulate the heel to toe action of the human foot in motion, your cane or crutch tips are more supportive. The shock absorbing, non-slip ailerons relieve the user from exerting excess pressure to manoeuvre the cane or crutches.


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Crutch Tips

Using crutches can be challenging and potentially unsafe due to lack of traction and stability.

Users may struggle with traditional crutch tips that offer limited traction, leading to slips and falls.

Introducing Latex Free Crutch Tips designed to enhance safety and ease of use.

The Latex Free Crutch Tips address the common issues associated with traditional crutch tips by providing enhanced traction and friction, making the use of crutches easier and safer. Constructed from slip-resistant rubber material, these flat bottom ferrules offer stability and security during every step. Additionally, being made from latex-free rubber, these crutch tips serve the dual purpose of ensuring safety while protecting floors and surfaces from scratches.

Imagine effortlessly gliding through your day with crutches that offer superior stability and support. That’s precisely what these Latex Free Crutch Tips aim to provide. With their quick and easy installation process, they absorb impact effectively, minimizing discomfort associated with underarm crutches. Moreover, the extended surface area of these crutch tips ensures greater stability and comfort, allowing users to navigate various terrains with confidence.

One of the key benefits of these replacement tips is their durability. Engineered to withstand regular use, they are crafted without natural rubber latex, making them suitable for individuals with latex allergies. Whether you’re traversing smooth indoor surfaces or rough outdoor terrain, these non-slip rubber tips remain firm and reliable, offering long-lasting support.

To cater to different crutch models and preferences, these crutch tips come in two sizes: the replacement 1″ crutch tip measures one ¾” in outside diameter, while the 7/8″ crutch tip measures in outer diameter. This versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of crutch types, allowing users to find the perfect fit for their needs.

In conclusion, Latex Free Crutch Tips revolutionize the crutch experience by addressing common challenges and providing enhanced stability, traction, and durability. Say goodbye to slips and falls and hello to confidence and comfort with these innovative crutch tips.

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