Crutch Tips


Crutch tips is a patented rubber crutch tip and cane tip with a unique design that promotes a smoother gait for the user. As the flexible, yet durable crutch tips simulate the heel to toe action of the human foot in motion, your cane or crutch tips are more supportive. The shock absorbing, non-slip ailerons relieve the user from exerting excess pressure to manoeuvre the cane or crutches.



Crutch Tips

These Latex Free Crutch Tips provide traction and friction to make crutches easier and safer.

Constructed of slip-resistant rubber material, the flat bottom ferrules are designed to add stability and security when in use. Made from a latex-free rubber material, the crutch tips also help to protect floors and surfaces from scratches.

Product Features

• Quick and easy to install, these crutch tips are made to absorb impact and make for easier use with underarms crutches
• The more extensive crutch tips feature a wider surface area in contact with the ground and provide more excellent stability and comfort
• Remaining robust enough to last, these replacement tips are not made with natural rubber latex
• These non-slip rubber tips remain firm and durable enough to support you and last longer on a variety of terrains
• The replacement 1″ crutch tip measures one ¾” in outside diameter, and the 7/8″ crutch tip measures in outer diameter

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