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Children’s wheelchair with drop back backrest handle

Children’s wheelchair with drop back backrest handle

»Comes with aluminium frame

»The padded upholstery is made of oxford fabric that is durable and comfortable

» 22″ rear wheels


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Children’s wheelchair with drop back backrest handle

Children with mobility challenges require specialized wheelchairs that prioritize comfort, durability, and ease of use to enhance their quality of life.

Traditional wheelchairs for children lack the necessary features to accommodate their unique needs, resulting in discomfort and limited mobility.

Introducing the Children’s Wheelchair with Drop Back Backrest Handle, thoughtfully designed to address the specific requirements of children with mobility challenges, offering superior comfort, durability, and functionality.

Imagine this: A wheelchair featuring an aluminum frame, providing both strength and lightweight maneuverability for effortless mobility. Say goodbye to cumbersome wheelchairs that hinder movement, and hello to a sleek and durable design that promotes freedom and independence.

The padded upholstery, crafted from durable Oxford fabric, ensures both comfort and longevity, offering a supportive seating experience for children with mobility challenges. Bid farewell to discomfort and irritation, as this wheelchair prioritizes both durability and comfort, ensuring a pleasant experience for young users.

Equipped with 22-inch rear wheels and 6-inch PVC solid front casters, this wheelchair offers smooth and stable maneuverability across various terrains. Whether indoors or outdoors, children can navigate with confidence and ease, experiencing newfound freedom and independence.

Safety is paramount, and this wheelchair doesn’t compromise. The push-to-lock wheel brakes provide secure and reliable braking, ensuring the safety of young users during transit and stationary moments.

Adjustability is key, and this wheelchair delivers. The flip-up armrests offer flexibility and convenience, allowing children to easily enter and exit the wheelchair. Additionally, the fixed footrests provide stable support and positioning for the lower extremities, promoting proper posture and comfort.

But that’s not all; the standout feature of this wheelchair is its pneumatic rear wheels and drop-back handle. This innovative design allows caregivers to effortlessly tilt the wheelchair backward, facilitating easier transportation and storage when not in use. Say goodbye to cumbersome lifting and awkward maneuvers, and hello to a more convenient and user-friendly wheelchair experience.

In summary, the Children’s Wheelchair with Drop Back Backrest Handle is more than just a mobility aid—it’s a symbol of independence, comfort, and empowerment for children with mobility challenges. Say hello to a new era of mobility solutions, and embrace the freedom to explore and engage with the world with confidence and joy.


Item No. #JL980LA-35
Opened Width 50cm
Folded Width 30cm
Seat Width 35 cm
Seat Depth 38 cm
Seat Height 48 cm
Backrest Height 40 cm
Overall Height 89 cm
Overall Length 97 cm
Dia. Of Rear Wheel 22 ‘
Dia. Of Front Castor 6′
Weight Cap. 113 kg / 250 lb. (Conservative: 100 kg / 220 lb.)


Carton Meas. 87cm*33cm*69cm
Net Weight 12.7 kg
Gross Weight 14.2 kg

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