Tena Slip Plus Diapers-Large Pack of 10 (Unisex, wrap around)

Tena Slip Plus Large 10 Pieces

Tena ProSkin Slip Large 10s with ConfioAir allows the skin to breathe, offering three times more protection. Made with textile-like material, it’s soft and comfortable on the skin, with curved leg elastics to ensure a comfortable fit.


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Tena Slip Plus Diapers-Large Pack of 10

TENA Slip Plus is an open, all-in-one incontinence product with adjustable tabs for perfect fit, comfort, and leakage protection. Unlike many standard adult diapers, TENA ProSkin Slip has soft textile-like material, a body-close fit, and high leakage security. It is ideal for someone less mobile or when changing in bed.

Thanks to the FeelDry Advanced™ functionality, the product quickly draws the liquid away from the surface, keeping the skin dry. The fast-absorbing advanced DuoLock™ core then rapidly locks in urine, even in larger quantities, for dryness, and the fully breathable ConfioAir™ back sheet allows the skin to breathe. All these features help to maintain natural skin health.

The open design with solid adhesive tabs enables easy changing when standing or lying down and can be easily re-fastened and adjusted for a perfect, secure fit. The product features an Odour Neutralizer for freshness and a wetness indicator to show when it’s time to change.

Features and Benefits

  • ConfioAir allows the skin to breathe – New breathable textile-like sides and back-sheet maintain dryness for comfort and healthy skin.
  • Extra-wide hook tapes secure comfortable fit – Easy to fasten and adjust multiple times to achieve a perfect fit, protection and high comfort.
  • Fast-acting, highly absorbent core provides leakage security – FeelDry technology rapidly wicks away even large quantities of urine into the product core. The urine remains locked in the body even under pressure, keeping it away from the skin for enhanced comfort.
  • Dermatologically tested – All material is dermatologically tested to promote skin health.
  • Textile-like material for gentle comfort – New textile-like sides and back sheets feel soft and more comfortable on the skin.
  • The Odour Neutralizer reduces the effect of ammonia odour – The Odour Neutralizer minimises the impact of ammonia odour, giving a feeling of freshness and dignity.
  • Wetness indicator shows when it is time to change – There is no need to open the incontinence product to determine whether it needs changing. The wetness indicator on the outside of the product turns from yellow to blue when it is time to change.
  • Curved leg elastics for close body fit – The curved leg elastics and the elastic waistband ensure user comfort and leakage protection.
  • Quick and easy identification – Colour-coded absorbency level, precise size and product type indicators on product and pack.

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