Pouch Arm Sling (Baggy)

Paediatric Pouch Arm Sling

Pouch Arm Sling Baggy holds, supports & immobilizes the sprained, broken, or surgically operated arm in the flexion position while it recuperates. They are designed to cover the cast and give extra protection to the injured arm.


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Paediatric Pouch Arm Sling

The Paediatric Pouch Arm Sling is a revolutionary solution for providing comprehensive support and protection to young patients recovering from arm injuries or surgeries. Crafted with precision and care, this innovative sling baggy not only holds, but also supports and immobilizes the injured arm in the optimal flexion position, facilitating a quicker and more comfortable recuperation process.

Injuries to the arm, whether sprained, broken, or surgically operated, often require specialized care and support to aid in the healing process. Traditional arm slings may not fully cover or protect the injured arm, leaving it vulnerable to further damage or discomfort.

The Paediatric Pouch Arm Sling Baggy addresses these concerns head-on with its unique design and features tailored specifically for paediatric patients.

First and foremost, this sling baggy is adjustable, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for patients of varying sizes. This not only enhances comfort but also facilitates proper immobilization and support for the injured arm. Additionally, the wrinkle-proof nature of the fabric ensures that the sling maintains its shape and effectiveness over time, providing consistent support throughout the recovery period.


1. Enhanced Protection: The standard design of the sling baggy offers comprehensive coverage for the entire arm, including bulky casts or bandages. This ensures that the injured area is fully protected from external elements and potential re-injury.

2. Convenient Application: The convenient application of the sling baggy makes it easy for caregivers to assist patients in putting it on and adjusting it to the desired position. This saves time and reduces potential discomfort for the patient during application.

3. Durable Construction: Crafted from 3-layered P.U. bonded fabric, this sling baggy is both durable and tear-resistant, providing long-lasting support and reliability. Despite its robust construction, the fabric maintains a plush look and soft feel, enhancing patient comfort throughout the recovery process.

4. **Customizable Flexion Angle:** The adjustable sling allows for customization of the angle of flexion, providing flexibility in positioning based on the specific needs of the patient. This adaptability ensures optimal support and comfort, tailored to individual requirements.

5. Comfort-Enhancing Features: The inclusion of an Ethafoam shoulder pad and thumb cradle further enhances patient comfort by reducing fatigue and pressure points. This thoughtful design feature prioritizes the well-being and comfort of the patient, promoting a more positive recovery experience.

The Paediatric Pouch Arm Sling Baggy is a game-changer in paediatric orthopedic care, offering unparalleled support, protection, and comfort for young patients on the road to recovery. With its adjustable design, durable construction, and innovative features, it sets a new standard for arm slings, ensuring optimal healing and comfort for paediatric patients. For more information or to purchase, contact us via call, text, or WhatsApp at the provided numbers.


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