Paediatric Elbow Crutches – A Pair

Paediatric Elbow Crutches

Height Adjustable Lightweight Walking Forearm Crutch for injured people.

Product Features
• Lightweight and hard material quality
• Both arm cuff & handle height can adjust to fit different users. (85-116cm)
• With alumina production, the surface is rustproof.
• The arm cuff can keep your arm firmly, and your arm will feel good.
• Handgrip will provide powerful support and a comfortable experience for you.
• The bottom tip is anti-slip rubber and can be used anywhere. (wet ground, muddy road, unpaved road, and so on)


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Paediatric Elbow Crutches

Paediatric Elbow Crutches ; Injuries or mobility issues often necessitate assistance for walking, but traditional crutches can be cumbersome and uncomfortable, exacerbating discomfort for users.

Imagine struggling with a cumbersome, uncomfortable crutch while already dealing with the challenges of injury or limited mobility. The weight, material quality, and adjustability of the crutch can significantly impact your comfort and mobility, affecting your recovery and overall well-being. Additionally, concerns about rust or slipping on uneven surfaces only add to the stress and discomfort.

Introducing our Paediatric Elbow Crutches, meticulously designed to alleviate the burdens associated with traditional crutches. Crafted from high-quality, lightweight materials, these crutches provide both durability and ease of use, ensuring a comfortable and supportive experience for users. With adjustable arm cuffs and handles, accommodating a wide range of user heights (85-116cm), these crutches offer personalized comfort and support for individuals of varying statures.

Utilizing alumina production, the crutch’s surface is rustproof, addressing concerns about durability and longevity. The arm cuff design ensures a secure and firm grip, minimizing strain on the user’s arm while promoting stability and confidence in movement. Meanwhile, the ergonomically designed handgrip provides not only powerful support but also a comfortable experience, reducing hand fatigue and discomfort during extended use.

For added safety and convenience, the Paediatric Elbow Crutches is equipped with anti-slip rubber tips on the bottom, allowing for secure traction on a variety of surfaces. Whether navigating wet ground, muddy roads, or unpaved terrain, users can confidently rely on the crutch’s stability and grip, enabling greater freedom of movement and independence.

Pediatric Elbow Crutches Specifications

Item No. #JL923L
Tube Extruded Aluminum
Arm Cuff & Handgrip P.P. (Polypropylene)
Tip Rubber
Overall Height 85-116 cm / 33.46″-45.67″
Dia. Of Upper Tube 22 mm / 7/8″
Dia. Of Lower Tube 19 mm / 3/4″
Thick. Of Tube Wall 1.2 mm
Weight Cap. 135 kg / 300 lbs.

Pediatric Elbow Crutches Packaging

Carton Meas. 85cm*28cm*31cm / 33.5″*11.0″*12.2″
Q’ty Per Carton 20 piece
Net Weight (Single Piece) 0.49 kg / 1.09 lbs.
Net Weight (Total) 9.80 kg / 21.78 lbs.
Gross Weight 10.70 kg / 23.78 lbs.

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