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  • Anatomical Handle Walking Cane
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    Anatomical Handle Walking Cane

    » Lightweight, aluminium tube with anodized finish

    » The tube has a lock pin for adjusting handle height

    » Bottom tip is made of anti-slip rubber

    » Can withstand a weight capacity of 300 lbs…

  • Gutter elbow crutches -1pc
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    Gutter elbow crutches

    Gutter crutches #Living_Made_Easier
    Gutter crutches are used by people who can partially bear weight.
    These crutches are height adjustable, and the length and angle of the handgrip can also be adjusted.
    •Ideal for those with limited hand or wrist strength
    •Lightweight tubular aluminium stem and padded vinyl-covered gutter for maximum comfort
    •Designed for users with arthritis or an impaired grip
    •Forearm trough distributes a user’s weight over a significant support area
    •Adjustable telescopic handle rotates through 360 degrees and locks to suit individual forearm length
    Product Weight: 100 kg (each)
  • Paediatric Elbow Crutches – A Pair
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    Paediatric Elbow Crutches

    Height Adjustable Lightweight Walking Forearm Crutch for injured people.

    Product Features
    • Lightweight and hard material quality
    • Both arm cuff & handle height can adjust to fit different users. (85-116cm)
    • With alumina production, the surface is rustproof.
    • The arm cuff can keep your arm firmly, and your arm will feel good.
    • Handgrip will provide powerful support and a comfortable experience for you.
    • The bottom tip is anti-slip rubber and can be used anywhere. (wet ground, muddy road, unpaved road, and so on)

  • Quad cane crutch stick
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    Quad cane crutch stick

    A quad cane is extremely helpful for patients who need support while walking.

    • Lightweight & sturdy extruded aluminium tube with an anodized finish
    • A durable steel quad small base provides additional support
    • Ergonomically designed polypropylene handgrip can reduce fatigue & provide a more comfortable experience
    • The bottom tip is made of anti-slip rubber to reduce the accident of slipping
    • Can withstand a weight capacity of 300 lb
    • Helps those with poor balance
    • The length can be adjusted telescopically per the individual requirement with a push-button.
    • It can be used either left or right side.
    • Plastic sleeves to reduce the friction between the upper and lower tube
    • Swan neck handle for better grip and stability
    • Four-legged construction with suction rubber tip for better grip on the floor

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