Hyperextension brace


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Hyperextension brace

The hyperextension brace fixes the Lumber vertebral column in a hyperlordotic position and can be fitted to any patient due to its sliding arrangements.

They are designed to act as a three-point principle by exerting pressure against the sternum and pubis on the anterior aspects and the Lumber region on the Posterior Aspect.

Product Features
• Two lateral pads for trunk stability
• Designed in aluminium- lightweight and comfortable
• Adjustable both horizontally and vertically
• Easy-to-use knobs for vertical and horizontal adjustment of the frame, which makes the product universal in size
• Sternal and pubic pads prevent flexion of the spine
• Wide thoracolumbar pad provides support from the back
• The lateral pads provide trunk stability
• Supported by a posterior thoracolumbar pad & Hinged vertical pads designed to fit well with the body contours
• Hook and loop straps for easy application and removal

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