Body Sculpture Magnetic Elliptical Cross-Trainer


Body Sculpture Magnetic Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Body Sculpture Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Cross-Trainer | 21 Smart Programmes | Adjustable Magnetic Resistance | Body Fat & Hand Pulse Sensors | Track Your Progress

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Body Sculpture Magnetic Elliptical Cross-Trainer

21 SMART PROGRAMMES: There are 21 programs on the elliptical – 12 pre-set settings, four user settings, four heart rate controls (55%, 75%, 90%, and target heart rate), and one manual setting for your use. 4KG FLYWHEEL: The 4KG flywheel on the BE1660 ensures smooth and silent riding. ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: this has adjustable magnetic resistance as you progress in your fitness journey. ANTI-SLIP FOOTPLATES: This elliptical utilizes large anti-slip footplates to allow for good stride length to accommodate most users. BODY FAT & HAND PULSE SENSORS: Body fat and hand pulse sensors on the handlebar enable you to become fully aware of how your body is reacting to the exercise. DUAL-ACTION HANDLEBARS: The dual-action handlebars allow you to either use the static handlebars or the moving handlebars for an effective full-body workout. For more details, contact us here


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