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Bathroom Safety
Bathroom Safety

We all get older. With age comes more wisdom, but also more situations that can quickly become more dangerous than before. Slips and falls are a common occurrence, especially in the bathroom. The bathroom is filled with hard items and slippery surfaces that can quickly lead to disaster. This blog will look at a variety of tips and several bathroom safety products that can help you increase stability and balance and regain your independence. Minimise the risk of slips or falls in your bathroom. Ensure safety and comfort within your home with our comprehensive range of products:

• Bath benches
• Bath lifts
• Step-in tubs
• Barrier-free showers
• Toilet armrests
• Raised toilet seats
• Grab bars

Choose from our selection to create a secure and comfortable environment in your home.

Raised Toilet Seats

Are you or a loved one struggling with sitting or rising from a seated position, especially in the bathroom? Orthodynamic Limited offers a solution with our range of raised toilet seats. Available in various designs, including 2-inch and 6-inch variations, these seats serve a common purpose: reducing the distance one needs to travel to sit or stand. Whether facing balance issues, hip or knee problems, or post-surgery recovery, incorporating a raised toilet seat into your bathroom can save time, enhance independence, and ensure safety.

Grab Bars

Adding stability by having something to hold onto is crucial. At Orthodynamic Limited, we offer a diverse selection of grab bars suitable for use in the bathtub, near the toilet, or wherever additional stability is needed. These bars enable users to leverage their upper body strength for tasks such as getting on and off the toilet or in and out of the bathtub. Versatile and not confined to the bathroom, grab bars can be installed anywhere in the home as required.

Bath Chair

Seeking extra stability in the shower or experiencing fatigue more quickly? If the answer is yes to either question, a bath chair from Orthodynamic Limited may be the ideal solution. These chairs reduce the risk of falls and slips in the tub or shower, allowing users to sit during their shower. The slip-resistant legs of the bath chair further contribute to a safer bathing experience.

Transfer Bench

Balancing on one foot or struggling to lift your leg over the bathtub’s side? Enter the Transfer Bench, a valuable addition to your bathroom from Orthodynamic Limited. This bench facilitates the transfer of individuals from outside to inside the bathtub, restoring a sense of independence for those who cannot step over the tub’s side independently. For enhanced safety, our experts recommend pairing a transfer bench with a bath chair.

Bath Steps

If balance is a challenge and getting into the bathtub poses difficulties, consider adding bath steps from Orthodynamic Limited to your bathroom. Crafted from medical-grade material, these steps make it easy for users to walk into and out of the tub without the fear of losing balance, offering durability in varying conditions.

Toilet Safety Frame

Are you struggling to sit down or stand up from the toilet? Recognising the potential dangers, Orthodynamic Limited presents toilet safety frames. With different variations—some standing on the ground and others attached to the toilet frame—these frames make using the toilet easier. Explore our range to discover the toilet safety frame that suits your needs.

Bath Mats

For those concerned about balancing in the tub or shower or fearing a slip and fall, Orthodynamic Limited recommends the use of bath mats. These mats, along with non-slip strips, provide an effective way to prevent accidents. They are specifically designed to perform in wet and slippery conditions.


For individuals facing mobility challenges or recovering from surgery, Orthodynamic Limited offers commodes—portable toilet chairs that don’t require running water. With the flexibility to be moved and placed conveniently, some versions include wheels, while others are suitable for use in the shower. Ensure safety by investing in a commode today.

Bath Lifts

Is entering the bathtub a daunting task? Orthodynamic Limited has a solution with our bath lifts—power-operated machines facilitating the easy transportation of individuals into and out of the bathtub. Operable by both carers and patients, the bath lift comes with an accessible controller, allowing users to adjust the lift and the flaps effortlessly.

Why Choose Orthodynamic Limited Bathroom Safety Products?

If you’re seeking bathroom safety products to safeguard your loved ones, turn to the experts at Orthodynamic Limited. Our dedicated team will swiftly assist you in selecting the perfect home healthcare product, ensuring safety in the bathroom, and providing peace of mind. Count on our knowledgeable specialists at Orthodynamic Limited for superior services!

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