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  • Tynor Lumber sacral corset
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    Tynor Lumber sacral corset

    Product Features

    • Flexible back splinting on application takes the body shape for excellent Immobilization.

    • Porous elastic webbing improves ventilation and patient comfort.

    • Heat-resistant rubber with a high modulus of elasticity improves the belt’s life.

    • The double-pull mechanism ensures strong fastening for secure fitting around the waist and better Immobilization.

    • A large hook-loop panel allows controlled compression and better-sizing flexibility.

    • Comfortable Immobilization provided by this belt makes it ideal for everyday use with mild backache.

  • Tynor Thoracolumber corset
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    Tynor Thoracolumber corset

  • Variteks Dorsolomber Corset -Thoracolumber (TLSO)
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    Variteks Dorsolomber Corset -Thoracolumber (TLSO)

    • For disk hernia, displaced disks, misshaped disks, scoliosis, kyphosis, broken spine and during recovery from these ailments
    • Metal parts of the corset are made up of rugged stainless steel, which prevents deformation.


  • Freeman Lumber sacral Corset
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    Freeman Lumber sacral Corset

    Freeman Lumbosacral Support brace gives extra support to the lower back. This brace is adjustable with a three-pull side lace technique offering patients the best possible fit. A snap button with a reinforcing hook-and-eye is used for front closure.

  • Variteks lumber sacral corset
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    Variteks lumber sacral corset

    Product Features:

    • For a disk hernia, lumbago and sciatica pains.

    • Supports the back and prevents body weight from falling on the small of the back.

    • Metal parts of the corset are made of rugged stainless steel, preventing deformation.

    • Available in white and multiple sizes from 1 to 7 (see the sizing chart below)

  • Tynor contoured Lumber sacral corset
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    Tynor contoured Lumber sacral corset


    • Flexible sizing

    • Smart and sleek

    • Tapered back panel

    • Pre-shaped semi-rigid splints Features

    • Board hook-loop panel ensures easy application and that one size fits a large population

    • Elastic webbing made from heat-resistant rubber with a high modulus of elasticity has more compression and durability.

    • Anatomically tapered shape ensures perfect fitting, better immobilization and enhanced comfort.

    • Pre-shaped semi-rigid stays relieve muscular stress due to the wrong posture and provide effective immobilization.

    • Lean construction and sleek design provide convenience and comfort every day.

    • Highly recommended general-purpose back support, including prevention and use during travelling.

  • Elnova Lumber Sacral Corset
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    Elnova Lumbo Sacral Corset


    • Anatomically contoured posterior bars
    • Extra straps for additional support
    • Made of complete elastic material
    • Fully elastic material offers a snug fit
    •    Four anatomically contoured Aluminium stays for additional support
    •    Comfortable spinal support
    •    Additional adjustable straps for reinforcement
  • Post Maternity Corset / Tummy Trimmer
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    Post Maternity Corset (Tummy trimmer)


    The abdominal wall becomes loose after childbirth. To regain the previous shape, additional support and compression are necessary. Cling gives a squeeze to the abdominal region and prevents sagging.

    • The cling comes in a 25 cm width that covers the entire abdomen. This gives full support and compression to the abdominal muscles.
    • Offers consistent compression for better results
    • Stretchable elastic material eliminates bulges under the clothes and gives a smooth, curvy figure.
    • Material is non-irritating with smooth edges, thereby ensuring wearing comfort. Lightweight can be worn under clothing.
  • Freeman Thoracolumbar Corset (TLSO )
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    Freeman Thoracolumbar Corset

     Dorsolumbar Support

    Dorsolumbar Support provides supreme relief to injured and faultily affected dorsal lumbar area. Encouraging correct alignment supports the spine region and reduces the chances of early thoracic kyphosis. Its firm, yet comfortable cotton stretch fabric operates anatomically. The unisex design satisfactorily provides excellent gripping to men’s and women’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Its Elastic abdominal panels deliver exact compression to ease muscular aches and spasms by supporting the soft tissues. Suitable for Medical Condition: Poor posture, mild thoracic kyphosis, thoracolumbar injuries, herniated disc problems, Slumped Shoulders, post-operative rehabilitation, weakened dorsolumbar spine, and neck & shoulder pain.

  • Rigid Thoracolumbar Appliance – Corset (TLSO)
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    Rigid Thoracolumbar Appliance

    Thoracic Lumbar Appliance is made of lightweight Polypropylene for better stability of the spine • The brace extends from the thoracic to the lumbar-sacral region for optimal spinal support • Anatomically contoured and well-padded for maximum patient comfort • Maintains spine in a neutral position and permits ease of movement.


    • Made of EVA coated with artificial fabric
    • Posterior thoracic extension provides better stabilization of the thoracic spine.
  • Paediatric Thoracolumber Appliance
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    Paediatric Thoracolumber Appliance

    Paediatric Dorsolumber Spinal Brace with Malleable metal frame and shoulder strap for a snug fit

    They are designed especially for kids. Shoulder straps provide proper fitting and support immobilization. Ideal for weak Dorso-lumbar spine region. Also suitable for post-operative rehabilitation.

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