Tynor thoracolumbar brace


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Tynor thoracolumbar brace

Taylor Brace (Short /Long Type) is a lightweight spinal brace that covers all dorsal, lumbar and sacral vertebras and supports and immobilizes the spine in a neutral position, still permitting the requisite body movement • Customized fitting • Sleek design • Flexible sizing • Excellent spine immobilization. Product Features: • Rigid Splints are light in weight, durable and provide effective immobilization. They can be customized to provide accurate shape and excellent comfort. They maintain the spine in a neutral position and allow proper posture correction. • Horizontal Chest Splint arrests the rotational movement of the torso for effective immobilization of the entire torso lumber region. It can be conveniently removed when not required. • Adjustable shoulder straps correct the shoulder posture and ensure better fitting and no loosening or migration of the brace. • Available in two heights to ensure better dorso lumber immobilization. Large hook loop area and elasticized abdominal panel ensure all population fits into two circumference variants.

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