Portable sonic steam ultrasound machine

Portable sonic steam ultrasound machine


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A portable sonic steam ultrasound machine

This Ultrasound Machine combines two different forms of pain therapy: TENS and Ultrasound.

TENS relieves pain by helping the body release natural painkillers and blocking pain signals from reaching the brain, while ultrasound provides pain relief and trigger point therapy.

Ultrasound therapy: Provides pain relief, reduction of muscle spasms, and trigger point therapy.
TENS therapy offers relief from chronic intractable pain, acute post-traumatic pain, and post-surgical acute pain.

Product Features
• two electrode pads for TENS, a round applicator for ultrasound mode (treatment surface five cm²) and a single electrode pad for combination therapy
• 15 preset programs including one ultrasound, 7 TENS and seven ultrasounds combined with TENS
• Comfortable stimulation with fine-tuned adjustment settings for different levels of intensity
• Treatment indicator clearly shows the operation of the unit and the mode currently being used • Automatically resets the strength to zero if the electrode pads are not correctly applied in TENS modes or if the transmission gel is not applied in ultrasound modes

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