Brown Leather Medicine Ball 4 KG

Brown Leather Medicine Ball 4 KG

The Leather Medicine Ball can be used to train different muscles and muscle groups. You can train muscles of the abdomen, back, legs and arms. It can also be used for strength training and rehabilitation.

  • Made of cattle leather
  • Available in different weights


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Brown Leather Medicine Ball 4 KG

A medicine ball is a weighted ball roughly the diameter of the shoulders, often used for rehabilitation and strength training. The medicine ball also serves an important role in the field of sports medicine to improve strength and neuromuscular coordination. It is distinct from the inflated exercise ball, which is larger (up to 36″ diameter).

The ancient Greeks used medicine balls from as far back as 3000 years ago to help patients going through post-injury stages of recovery. Nowadays, medicine balls (or weighted balls) have become popular in daily training with their ability to tone up bodies, build core strength, and improve balance. medicine balls provide users a versatile and portable tool to carve their shapes and reduce body fat.

5 Benefits Of Medicine Ball Workouts

1. Develop explosive power and build body strength

Explosive power is the ability to push out the maximum amount of force in the shortest amount of time. The more energy you can release when you tense the muscle, the stronger the force you can produce the fastest.

This explosive power relies on the body strength in specific parts and movements in which the training impacts. Any sequences that combine movements and medicine balls, like squats and ball throw altogether, will bring out these dual benefits.

2. Enhance speed, movement accuracy for physical preparedness

While preparing and warming up sections before any competitive sports, practicing with medicine balls can help athletes or players to boost their speed and the accuracy of their movements.

By reproducing certain actions with these weighted balls, athletes or high-performing sportspeople can move their bodies in a versatile way, proactively react, and position their bodies while interacting with teammates.

3. Provide versatile, full-body workouts

Medicine balls force your core muscles to engage more, regardless of the primary muscle group being targeted. This way you can get more of a full-body workout, which means burning more calories and improving overall fitness. So mixing up and varying training forms will help you unlock your overall body capability.

Moreover, throwing and catching the ball alone or with others will improve hand-eye coordination, body balance, and flexibility while letting yourselves to react with the moving trends of the ball.

4. Improve rehabilitation effort after injuries

Helping patients to recover from injuries or surgeries, the medicine balls are really useful in regenerating the body’s endurance and response. The particular parts that they help the most are spinal, shoulders, and knee injuries.

Patients are usually instructed to use the lightweight ball at first, then gradually increase the ball’s weight as the recovery process progresses. Furthermore, some exercises can be designed to help to build fluidity and strength of the thigh or calf muscles specifically.

5. Enhance socialization skill and teamwork

While most of the gym workouts can be done by yourself, practicing with these weighted balls can be done with another partner to bring more fun into the workout. Engaging another person to join will extend the variety of training exercises and increase positive mood.

Group training with a ball can involve team members rolling, bouncing, tossing, or passing the ball back and forth between the team to target different muscle groups. This will help to level up their energetic feelings by playing and training at the same time.


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