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  • Freeman Lumber sacral Corset
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    Freeman Lumber sacral Corset

    Freeman Lumbosacral Support brace gives extra support to the lower back. This brace is adjustable with a three-pull side lace technique offering patients the best possible fit. A snap button with a reinforcing hook-and-eye is used for front closure.

  • Tynor contoured Lumber sacral corset
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    Tynor contoured Lumber sacral corset


    • Flexible sizing

    • Smart and sleek

    • Tapered back panel

    • Pre-shaped semi-rigid splints Features

    • Board hook-loop panel ensures easy application and that one size fits a large population

    • Elastic webbing made from heat-resistant rubber with a high modulus of elasticity has more compression and durability.

    • Anatomically tapered shape ensures perfect fitting, better immobilization and enhanced comfort.

    • Pre-shaped semi-rigid stays relieve muscular stress due to the wrong posture and provide effective immobilization.

    • Lean construction and sleek design provide convenience and comfort every day.

    • Highly recommended general-purpose back support, including prevention and use during travelling.

  • Tynor lumbo lace-pull Brace
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  • Variteks lumber sacral corset
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    Variteks lumber sacral corset

    Product Features:

    • For a disk hernia, lumbago and sciatica pains.

    • Supports the back and prevents body weight from falling on the small of the back.

    • Metal parts of the corset are made of rugged stainless steel, preventing deformation.

    • Available in white and multiple sizes from 1 to 7 (see the sizing chart below)

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