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  • Clinical thermometer
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  • High precision HK3 Infrared thermometer
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    High-precision HK3 Infrared thermometer

    High Precision HK3 Handsfree Infrared Thermometer. Wall Mount/Stand Forehead Body Temperature Scanner.  

    Product Features

    • Measuring distance: 5~18CM

    • Accuracy tolerance: ±0.2 (standard)

    • Temperature measurement range 32~42℃

    • Surface temperature measurement range: 0~100℃

    • Operating temperature range: 10~50℃

    • Response speed: 0.1S

    • Counting range: 1999

    • Display: digital display

    • Voice broadcast function

  • K2 infrared thermometer
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    K2 infrared thermometer

    The small and easy-to-carry thermometer can be applied in several areas, including the office, supermarkets, community/public spaces, building entrances etc.

  • K9 Pro intelligent infrared thermometer with stand
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    K9 Pro intelligent infrared thermometer with stand

    2 in 1 Automatic Dispenser with Thermometer (K9 Pro). Comes with an Alarm Function, suitable for Office, Home, School, and Community Use.

    Product Features

    • Automatic induction disinfection soap dispenser, more convenient to use

    • Large digital display, high-definition LCD

    • High-prevision Sensor, stable and reliable performance

    • Support intelligent point saving and automatic wake-up function

    • Strong adaptability to environmental temperature • Large capacity soap liquid, long-life cycle

  • Non contact infrared thermometer
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