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  • Human Skeleton Model Max with Painted Muscle Origins & Inserts
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    Max has all the advantages and shows the structural interaction between the bones and muscles. On the left side of the skeleton, over 600 crucial medical and anatomical structures are offered, such as the muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue), hand-numbered bones, fissures and foramina on the right side. Now available on a stable metal stand with five casters!

  • Human Skeleton Model Stan
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    Proven Quality – even more stable! Stan, the standard human skeleton model, has been appreciated worldwide for decades. Its high quality and robust construction make it perfect for hospitals, schools, universities and laboratories. So choose Stan, the original among artificial skeletons. Now available on a stable metal stand with five casters!

  • Mini Human Skeleton Shorty with Painted Muscles, Pelvic Mounted
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    Top of the range mini human skeleton.
    The skull can be removed and disassembled into three parts (skullcap, base of skull, mandible). The arms and legs are removable. The hip joints are specially mounted so their natural rotation can be demonstrated—the portrayal of the muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) on the left half. The muscles are numbered. This mini skeleton can be taken off of the base when required.

    This mini human skeleton delivers all the anatomical detail you want and need in half the size!

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