Adjustable elastic tourniquet with a buckle for adult or pediatric use.

An elastic band is used to extract venous blood from the ulnar region of the arm.

Its function is to stop the blood flow from the arm to highlight the veins and thus facilitate the location of the vein to which the blood will be drawn.

Product Features
• Stretchy strap with plastic buckle allows for easy adjustment.
• Highly flexible & Gentle on the skin.
• Size approx. : 45cm (L) X 2.5cm (W)
• Suitable for children and Adults. Non-sterile and individual packed.
• Strong buckle grip which never comes out without pressing the side button/knob of the buckle

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A tourniquet is a device used to control the flow of blood temporarily. One-handed tightening, release, and removal of the tourniquet, easy application, and removal for infusions

  • easy handling through proven technology
  • skin-friendly, durable cotton fabric, latex-free
  • high-quality metal clasp for incremental tourniquet release
  • autoclavable
  • 100% Brand new and high-quality elastic belt
  • Made of high elasticity belt, can be used to control bleeding or other tightening control
  • Convenient and quick to use, injured persons can use it themselves
  • Tightening force can be adjusted
  • Soft and comfortable, can be used by a single person
  • Suitable for medical draw blood and emergency bleeding controller
  • Do not suddenly need to apply large force on it
  • Release the belt slowly and then flip open
  • Size: Approx.40cm*2.5cm(L*W)
  • Material: high elasticity belt plastic
  • Quantity: 2pcs
  • We do not offer color choice, color will be dispatch at random.

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