Thumb Spica Splint


Thumb Spica is used to help treat a wide variety of disorders/conditions and injuries of the thumb like De Quervain’s syndrome, tendonitis, thumb sprains or strains, and thumb fractures. These thumb orthoses can also be used for post-operative rehabilitation, post-cast removal, or as a cast substitute for long-term use. In addition, thumb spica wrist braces are used to provide additional support, stability, and immobilization for the thumb area.


Thumb Spica Splint

  • ISOLATES THE THUMB- This thumb spica splint stabilizes the thumb while giving free rein of movement to all the other digits, so your thumb injury won’t hinder your daily activities
  • EASY TO WEAR- The velcro straps make it easy to wear this thumb brace on either the right or the left hand; It is also simple to put on and take off
  • COMFORTABLE- A soft, breathable fabric covers the metal splint that is comfortable enough to sleep in, so you get 24-hour support and stability
  • HELPS WITH VARIOUS AILMENTS- This thumb brace can help with arthritis and other chronic conditions but is also well suited for sprains, fractures, or even soft tissue injuries to the thumb
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- This unique brace from U.S. Solid comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee; If you have any issues at all with this product, our customer support team will help to correct them

Thumb Spica Features

1. Elastic, comfortable cloth
2. Within the movable stereotypes, aluminium, fixed wrist and thumb joint
3. Humanization design, according to palm profile, make other fingers, except the thumb can, move flexibly
4. Application scope: thumb sprain, arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, fasciitis, stable fractures and loose-jointed, realize health care function.
5. Adjustable for perfect fit and required compression.
6. Reversible: fits either hand.
Thumb splints are designed with comfort and should never be painful or restrict circulation.

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