Tena Bed Normal Underpad 60x90cm Pack of 30


Bed Plus Incontinence Pad, 60×90 Centimeter (Pack of 30)

  • Absorbent bed pads provide extra security at night
  • Features waterproof backing sheet
  • Dermatologically tested with a soft surface material
  • Super-Absorbent micro beads lock away liquids


Tena Bed Normal 60 x 90 cm Underpad Pack of 30

TENA Bed Underpads provide extra protection for the bed. Protection for beds and chairs against accidental urine loss with absorption capacity and a soft surface that is comfortable for the skin. The smooth surface material is kind to kind to the skin. At the same time, the fluff pulp is absorbent, and with a waterproof plastic backing, the Underpad ensures good protection in case of leakages or during any hygiene procedures.


  • TENA Bed is gentle on the skin
  • Provides comfort for individuals
  • Offers quick and easy product identification
  • Soft surface material, kind to the skin
  •  Absorbent core
  • The waterproof plastic back sheet helps prevent leakages

TENA Bed is gentle on the skin

Has been dermatologically tested and features a soft surface material.

Provides comfort for individuals

Its soft surface material and stable core provide comfort for individuals.

Offers quick and easy product identification

Colour-coded and printed back-sheet offers easy identification of absorption level and size.

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