Sit-Up Bench BSB510 (Abdominal Sit-Up Bench)


Sit-Up Bench BSB510

Tone Your Abs & Upper Body!

Sit-Up Bench with adjustable Incline, a curl board for easy use, well designed for comfort and folds for easy storage.


Sit-Up Bench BSB510

Sit-Up Bench BSB510| Adjustable Incline | Foldable | Padded | Push-Up Bars | More

A Sit-up bench is an ideal piece of equipment that can effectively burn the extra fat from your body. The burning of fat leads to weight loss. A well-toned and fit body makes you feel confident about yourself and enhances your personality.

Six-pack abs, not a dream anymore:

Sit-up benches provide a great surface to perform abs exercises. A balanced diet is a must to get good abs. With the effective use of a sit-up bench, abs will be a dream and a reality.

Strong Muscles:

Exercise helps to strengthen our muscles and keep our bodies in good shape. The activity performed with the help of sit-up benches can strengthen your obliques, upper and lower rectus and core muscles.

Multi-Purpose Bench:

Sit-up Bench can perform multiple exercises. You can perform an oblique sit-up, decline leg thrust, leg pull-ins, the plank, and various other activities. This makes the sit-up bench much more effective.


Sit-up bench provides you with the adjustability benefit. It adds to the effectiveness factor. Bars can be adjusted according to the different types of exercise performed on them.

Much safer:

A Sit-up bench is considered much safer than performing exercises on the floor as it provides you with padded back support, reducing the risk of injury. You can repeat specific exercises on a sit-up bench stress-free without fearing damage.

Position your body:

Get your body correctly positioned on the surface of the bench. Sit on the lower end, place your hand behind your head and tuck your feet under the foot strap.

Perform the exercise:

You are good to go now. Perform your workout regime on the bench to attain the maximum benefits. Features:

  • Adjustable Incline.
  • Curl Board For Easy Use.
  • They are designed For Comfort: Thick-knee and ankle rollers for maximum comfort.
  • Folds For Easy Storage.
  • Tone Your Abs & Upper Body.
  • They are designed for a sit-up, abdominal, and upper body workout.
  • Thick-knee and ankle rollers for maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable incline.
  • Curl board for easy use.
  • Folds for easy storage.
  • Build-up size 132×31.5×63
  • Maximum user weight 100 KG.

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