Omron M3 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron M3 Blood Pressure Monitor

The OMRON M3 gives you fast, easy, and accurate measurements. It can detect irregular heartbeat during your regular blood pressure monitoring. It also can store data for two separate users, enabling you to track individual readings and trends.


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Omron M3 Blood Pressure Monitor

The OMRON M3 Blood Pressure Monitor offers fast, easy, and accurate measurements, providing you with essential insights into your cardiovascular health. Equipped with advanced features, this device enables you to monitor your blood pressure with confidence and convenience.

Key Features:

1. Fast and Accurate Measurements: The OMRON M3 delivers quick and precise blood pressure readings, allowing you to monitor your cardiovascular health with ease.

2. Irregular Heartbeat Detection: This blood pressure monitor can detect irregular heartbeats during your regular measurements, providing valuable insights into your heart health.

3. Dual User Memory: With the capacity to store data for two separate users, the OMRON M3 enables you to track individual readings and trends over time, promoting personalized health monitoring.

Product Benefits:

Using a blood pressure monitor like the OMRON M3 offers several benefits:

Diagnosis and Monitoring of Hypertension: By regularly monitoring your blood pressure, you can help diagnose and manage hypertension, a critical risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Detection of Cardiovascular Risk: Tracking your blood pressure readings allows you to identify potential cardiovascular risks early, empowering you to take proactive steps to protect your heart health.

Comprehensive Heart Health Assessment: The OMRON M3 provides a complete picture of your heart health, offering insights into your blood pressure levels, irregular heartbeats, and overall cardiovascular status.


– **Device Type:** Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
– **Cuff Type:** Easy Cuff (22–42 cm)
– **Memory:** 2 Users x 60 Readings
– **Cuff Wrap Guide:** Yes
– **Easy High Blood Pressure Colour Indicator:** Yes
– **Irregular Heartbeat Detection:** Yes
– **Body Movement Detection:** Yes
– **Storage Case Included:** Yes
– **Validation:** Clinical Validation
– **Intellisense Technology:** Yes
– **Stroke Prevention:** Yes
– **Consumer or Professional:** Consumer
– **Dimensions (Length x Height x Depth):** 10.50 cm x 8.70 cm x 15.30 cm
– **Sales Package Weight:** 310.00 g

**What’s in the Box:**

– OMRON M3 Blood Pressure Monitor
– Easy Cuff
– Instruction Manuals 1 and 2

The OMRON M3 Blood Pressure Monitor offers reliable and convenient blood pressure monitoring, empowering you to take control of your cardiovascular health with confidence.

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