Minerva cervical thoracic collar


Minerva cervical thoracic collar

Minerva brace for neck and upper back injuries stabilizes the spine so that healing can take place in these sensitive regions following an injury or surgery. Features occipital component with optional forehead strap for increased immobilization and vented panels and open design promotes airflow and increases patient comfort.


Minerva cervical thoracic collar

Minerva collar supports the cervical and thoracic spine, as might be required for treating several injuries and conditions. Cervical Thoracic Orthosis with occipital components limits the cervical region’s flexion, extension, and rotation while supporting the upper spine.

Minerva cervical thoracic collar is fitted to provide stability to the cervical spine (neck) following a fracture, dislocation or ligament damage.
Spinal – Cervical Braces do three things:
– immobilizes your spine during healing
– stabilizes injured areas
– controls pain by restricting movement

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