Manual Pedal Suction machine


Pedal Or Foot Suction Machine ( Manual)

1. Adopting a single-way valve will not produce positive pressure; safe and reliable.

2. Complete plastic plate, safe and convenient for transportation and use.

3. operatedd without power, which is widely applicable.


Manual Pedal Suction machine

Manual pedal suction apparatus is used in hospitals of all levels to suction phlegm and other thick liquids. Due to its small size, lightweight, and easy operation, it especially fits for being widely used in no-power areas, remote areas, rural clinics, homes, and other emergency occasions.

Model NO. WT004
Max negative pressure value ≥0.08MPa
Max negative back-reduction ≤0.005MPa/10min
Reservoir capacity 1000ml
Pedal pressure ≥245N


  • Long functional life
  • Sturdy design
  • operated without power
  • Easy operations

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