Hand Cycle Tricycle

Hand Cycle Tricycle

Designed for users with limited leg mobility, the Hand Cycle  Tricycle Provides much-needed exercise and confidence building.

Stable, maneuverable, and easy to transfer into and out of.


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Hand Cycle Tricycle

Introducing the Hand Cycle Tricycle, a specially designed tricycle aimed at providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of riding. This innovative tricycle boasts features such as adjustable crank height, forward and aft seat adjustment, and independently adjustable footrests, ensuring a customized fit for riders of all abilities. With cambered rear wheels and a long wheelbase, this tricycle offers exceptional stability, allowing riders to feel confident and secure while enjoying their ride.

1. **Adjustable Design:** The Hand Cycle Tricycle is equipped with adjustable components, including crank height, seat position (forward and aft), and footrests. This allows riders to tailor the tricycle to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for each individual.

2. **Exceptional Stability:** With cambered rear wheels and a long wheelbase, this tricycle provides outstanding stability, minimizing the risk of tipping or imbalance during rides. This feature enhances safety and confidence for riders, regardless of their level of mobility.

3. **Promotes Exercise and Confidence:** Designed for users with limited leg mobility, the Hand Cycle Tricycle offers a valuable opportunity for exercise and confidence-building. By engaging in physical activity through cycling, individuals can improve their overall health and well-being while gaining a sense of accomplishment and independence.

4. **Accessible Riding Experience:** This tricycle is specifically crafted to accommodate riders with disabilities, offering a user-friendly and accessible riding experience. Its adjustable features and stable design make it suitable for individuals of varying abilities, ensuring inclusivity and enjoyment for all.

Product Benefits:

– **Customized Fit:** Adjustable components allow for a personalized fit, ensuring comfort and support for riders of all sizes and abilities.
– **Safety and Stability:** The tricycle’s stable design and cambered rear wheels provide a secure riding experience, promoting confidence and peace of mind for riders.
– **Health and Well-being:** By encouraging physical activity and exercise, the Hand Cycle Tricycle contributes to improved health and overall well-being for users.
– **Inclusivity:** Designed with accessibility in mind, this tricycle offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in recreational activities and enjoy the outdoors.

Experience the joy of cycling with the Hand Cycle Tricycle, designed to empower individuals with disabilities and provide them with a rewarding and inclusive riding experience.



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