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Dynacast Plaster is a synthetic splinting system specifically incorporating fiberglass, covered by polypropylene padding, to offer easy application for the support and immobilization of fresh fractures and soft tissue injuries. Dynacast Plaster 4″ is presented in a roll format for versatility in use and application.

  • Versatile splinting system for individual patient application
  • A clean modern alternative to plaster of Paris slabbing
  • Strong and light with no plaster mess
  • All-in-one roll is easy and quick to apply

Broken Bones: Cast, Surgery, or Nothing At All. … Most broken bones involve some joint injury, so there is always a trade-off between the joints wanting to move and the bones needing to stay still. Some fractures stay still enough to heal without a castor surgical plate.

Dynacast indications

  • Immobilization of fresh fractures
  • Support of soft tissue injuries
  • Acute through to rehabilitation phases
  • Can be used across a length of treatment

Dynacast Plaster Features and Benefits

Dynacast Plaster is Strong, light & durable

  • Resin coated fiberglass provides a high strength splint which is resistant to breakdown
  • Do not break down when wet as plaster of Paris

Quick setting and early weight bearing

  • Dynacast Plaster has an initial set of 3 – 5 minutes and reaches weight bearing strength in 20 minutes

Has no mess or waste

  • With no plaster mess, Dynacast Plaster is ideally suited to the theatre and ward environment
  • The continuous roll format ensures the clinician will only use what is required and provides versatility to choose the length of the splint to suit the indication

Comfortable for the patient

  • Soft polypropylene padding covers the fiberglass splint which minimizes the risk of pressure points
  • Naturally aids moisture transmission away from the skin to enhance patient comfort
  • Custom mouldable nature of the splint ensures a perfect patient fit

Acute through to rehabilitation phases

  • Can be used across a length of treatment. Dynacast Plaster straps are available
  • Splinting reference chart available

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