Carci Sonomed-V Ultrasound

ULTRASOUND DIATHERMY UNIT / TABLETOP / 1-CHANNEL SONOMED IV 4144 Continuous and pulsed ultrasound therapy; Multifrequency treatment head; Lightweight design; Multifrequency treatment head with 1 and 3 Mhz; User-friendly, lightweight design with sizeable blue backlight LCD; Head overheating and cable connection auto-detection; Waterproof Head


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Carci Sonomed-V Ultrasound

Introducing the Carci Sonomed-V Ultrasound, a cutting-edge therapy device that offers continuous and pulsed ultrasound treatment for a variety of clinical applications, both in professional clinics and the comfort of home. Engineered with user convenience in mind, this device boasts a lightweight design complemented by a blue backlight LCD screen, ensuring effortless operation and navigation for healthcare practitioners and patients alike.

With an array of advanced features including head overheating protection, automatic cable connection detection, and a waterproof therapy head, the Carci Sonomed-V guarantees a safe and reliable therapy experience. These safety measures prevent overheating of the therapy head and promptly identify any cable connection issues, instilling confidence and peace of mind during treatment sessions.

The waterproof therapy head not only simplifies cleaning and maintenance but also upholds stringent hygiene standards essential in clinical environments. This feature enhances the device’s longevity, ensuring durability and reliability throughout its lifespan.

Moreover, the Carci Sonomed-V comes equipped with 17 pre-programmed therapy protocols, meticulously crafted to address various clinical conditions effectively. These protocols encompass a wide range of treatment options, from musculoskeletal injuries to pain management and rehabilitation, catering to diverse patient needs with precision and efficacy.

For added flexibility, the device offers free programmable memory positions, empowering healthcare professionals to customize treatment protocols according to individual patient requirements. This customization capability enhances therapeutic outcomes, ensuring tailored and effective treatment for every patient.

Experience the versatility and convenience of the Carci Sonomed-V Ultrasound Therapy Device, offering a comprehensive solution for ultrasound therapy needs in both clinical and home settings. With its user-friendly design, advanced safety features, and customizable treatment options, this device sets a new standard in ultrasound therapy, empowering practitioners and patients alike to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes with confidence and ease.

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