Body Sculpture Magnetic Elliptical BE-6790D

Body Sculpture BE-6790 Programmable Magnetic Elliptical with iConsole

  • Maximum user weight: 120 kg
  • Type of resistance: Magnet
  • Hand pulse meter


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Body Sculpture Magnetic Elliptical BE-6790D 

What are elliptical bikes, and who are they for?

Elliptical bikes, also known as elliptical machines or universal devices, are one of the most popular fitness machines, which are more demanding exercises than regular medical bikes and require less intense training. Still, they are more comfortable and with less impact on joints than treadmills.

It is a simple workout but very efficient and beneficial, ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. They are excellent for Busy people who want to maintain their health and fitness, despite the lack of time, Athletes looking for a fitness device with which to train at home or warm up their muscles before strength training,

The elderly who want to improve their cardio health and maintain muscle mass, Young mothers who wish to regain their shape after giving birth, Beginners and anyone else wants practical training in the comfort of their own home. Elliptical bikes are also excellent for those with pain or injury in the calf and ankle area because they provide a low-impact workout.

Elliptical bikes offer a unique combination of stepper, treadmill, and medical bike exercises in one exercise. The elliptical movement back and forth is natural, efficient, and beneficial for the body and health. Most elliptical bikes have double-action handlebars, which allow you to work your arms together with your feet for a complete workout.


Body Sculpture elliptical bike BE-6790D Range: household use; Magnetic braking system with manual resistance control; 8 resistance steps; Weight: 6kg; Computer functions: time, speed, distance, pulse, calories, RPM, Recovery; Fixed handles wrapped with PU sleeves and pulse sensors; Comfortable mobile holds covered with PU sleeves; Non-slip pedal; Possibility of pedalling in both directions; Transport wheels; Modern design; Wide legs for increased stability; Maximum user weight: 120kg; Dimensions: 140 * 66 * 154cm; Maximum user weight: 120kg Warranty: 24 months.

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