Automatic Soap Dispenser 700ml

 Wall-Mount Automatic Soap Dispenser Automatic 700ml

Infrared detection, motion-activated No more contact and infection Safety convenience cleanliness Extra-large content 700ml Low battery indication Easy battery replacement four purchase AA-size alkaline batteries No wiring Low consumption Liquid soaps shampoos and more.


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Automatic Soap Dispenser 700ml

Introducing the Automatic Soap Dispenser 700ml, your ultimate solution for convenient, hygienic hand hygiene. This state-of-the-art dispenser is equipped with cutting-edge features to streamline your handwashing experience while minimizing waste and mess.

Key Features:
1. Auto-Sensing Technology: Say goodbye to manual pumps and hello to hands-free operation. The built-in infrared smart sensor detects your hand’s proximity, triggering automatic dispensing of soap without any physical contact. This innovative design effectively reduces the risk of cross-infection, ensuring a hygienic handwashing experience every time.

2. No Waste, No Mess: With precise liquid dispensing of 1ml per activation, this dispenser eliminates wastage and prevents countertop mess. Enjoy efficient use of your liquid soap, lotion, or sanitizer without worrying about excess spillage or clutter.

3. Easy and Safe to Use: Designed for user convenience and safety, the dispenser features a lockable cover for added security and protection. Whether wall-mounted or placed on a countertop, installation is hassle-free, making it suitable for various settings such as bathrooms, kitchens, offices, schools, hospitals, and more. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) and equipped with an LED indicator light, it ensures effortless operation, even in low-light conditions.

4. Generous Capacity: With a maximum capacity of 700ml, this dispenser provides ample storage for your preferred liquid soap or sanitizer, reducing the need for frequent refills and ensuring uninterrupted use in high-traffic areas.

Usage Notes:
1. Installation Height: Ensure a minimum clearance of 2 inches (5cm) beneath the dispenser when mounting.
2. Sensor Range: The effective range of the sensor is 0-10cm beneath the dispenser’s base.
3. Indoor Use Only: Avoid direct sunlight or exposed locations, as they can damage the infrared sensor.
4. Low Voltage Indicator: Keep an eye out for the LED indicator blinking continuously, indicating low battery voltage and the need for replacement.
5. Compatibility: Only use compatible liquids such as lotions, liquid soaps, or sanitizers. Avoid using alcohol or other chemical liquids.
6. Waterproofing: Please note that the dispenser is not waterproof and should be kept away from water sources to prevent damage.

Packing List:
– 1 Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser
– 1 Key
– Mounting Accessories
– English User Manual
– Package Box

– Type: Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser
– Material: ABS, AS
– Quantity: 1 pc
– Color: As shown
– Max Capacity: 700ml
– Drop Volume: 1ml per activation
– Effect Distance: 0-10cm
– Battery: 4*1.5V AA batteries (not included)
– Static Current: 60uA
– Rated Current: 120mA
– Size: 11*10*16.5cm / 4.3*3.9*6.5″
– Net Weight: 0.425kg / 15oz

Experience the ultimate in cleanliness and convenience with the Automatic Soap Dispenser 700ml. Upgrade your handwashing routine today!

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