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  • Elastic wrist support – 1Pc
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    Elastic wrist support

    Elastic wrist support is designed to support the wrist after tendon injuries, arthritis, sprain, strain, and stiffness. It may also help prevent wrist injuries.  

  • Reversible wrist splint
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    Reversible wrist splint

    Product Features
    • Anatomically contoured rigid palmar stays for better support
    • Made of full elastic material
    • Additional wrist wrap for complete immobilization of the wrist
    • Hook and loop closures for easy application and removal

  • Universal hand wresting splint
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    Universal hand wresting splint

    Post-Operation & Post-Casting Wrist Splint.

    Ideal For:-• Sprain,• Fracture• Dislocation,• Early cast removal

  • Universal hand-resting splint
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